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April 2017

Dogwood Art Festival 28th-29th    Knoxville TN

May 2017

Laumeier Sculpture Park 12th -14th      St. Louis, MO

Broad Ripple Art Fair 20st-21nd      Indianapolis, IN

June 2017

57th Street Art Fair   3rd-4th  Chicago, IL

Columbus Art Festival  9th- 11th   Columbus, OH

Boardwalk Art Festival  15th-18th    Virginia Beach, VA

July 2017

Krasl Art Festival 8th-9th    St. Joseph, MI

Central Pennsylvania Art Festival  13th- 16th    State College, PA

August 2017

Up Town Art Festival  4th-6th   Minneapolis, MN

Woodland Art Fair   19th-20st    Lexington, KY

September 2017

4th Street Art Fair   2nd-3rd   Bloomington, IN

Penrod     9th     Indianapolis, IN

October 2017

St. James Court 3rd Street Section   6th- 8th    Louisville, KY

River Arts Fest    27th- 29th    Memphis, TN pending

November 2017

December 2017

The Potter’s Market  30th -3rd   Southfield, MI

2011 Brookside Art Annual


The 2011 Brookside Art Annual has started and you couldn’t ask for better weather. If you’re in Kansas City this weekend stop by.