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Statement | Egenolf Ceramics


Adam Egenolf Crystalline CeramicsMy intent for using crystalline glazing on my work is to show the many different ways that these glazes can be used. Crystalline glazes, when applied correctly, are able to show movement, depth, and many different sizes and shapes of crystal growth. The shapes and forms of the work are determined by the specific quality I want to show with the glaze on that piece. Each shape is made to move the crystalline glaze across the surface, grow crystals, and show the energy that each glaze contains under specific conditions. I am creating and manipulating a crystalline environment to display the variety of results the glazes can produce.

With my wall sculpture I have been inspired by the different ways that water is disbursed and moves over the earth, as well as by specific phenomena that have occurred in crystalline firings. Observing various water erosion areas, holding ponds and the movement of drainage systems provides a visual reference of how my glazes will react on similar surfaces. Crystalline glaze becomes a liquid at its peak temperature and emulates different characteristics of water movement. When the glaze is cooled quickly, the motion, depth, and fluidity of the glaze becomes frozen in time and gives a snapshot of a specific moment in the firing.